Dr. Som Kohanzadeh, MD

Dr. Som Kohanzadeh is a double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and general surgeon, who is extensively trained and experienced in both surgical and non-surgical procedures for breast care and reconstruction. He is also skilled with advanced reconstructive treatments that can help restore both function and appearance. Dr. Som’s approach to care is rooted in providing genuinely customized treatment that focuses on each individual’s unique needs and goals while creating successful results that look natural, not “overdone.” He is an attentive listener, and believes that thorough and honest communication combined with compassionate care and the use of advanced treatment techniques are the best ways to provide you with an experience that can meet—and potentially even exceed—your expectations.

Dr. Elizabeth Arena, MD

Dr. Elizabeth Arena is a double board-certified surgeon & oncologist. Dr. Arena specializes in caring for patients with malignant or benign diseases of the breast that are formally known as breast cancer. Dr. Arena has a place in Los Angeles as one of the most esteemed breast surgeons & first-ever American Board-Certified surgical Oncologists. Her passion to her field of work and compassion for each patient allows Dr. Arena to create individualized treatment plans that encompasses a versatile approach to healthcare.

Dr. Joshua D.I. Ellenhorn, MD

Joshua D.I. Ellenhorn, MD, FACS, is a repeated LA “Top Doc” who specializes in breast/pancreas surgery and surgical oncology. As a accomplished board-certified surgeon, Dr. Ellenhorn has nearly 40 years of professional experience in his field and nationally recognized for his expertise in surgery. In the few years, Dr. Ellenhorn’s focus has been on innovative treatments of breast cancer, gastrointestinal metastases and other types of tumors. In addition to being a leader in the medical community, Dr. Ellenhorn is a medical educator, known for his engaging lectures and professor of Surgery at City of Hope National Medical Center. 

The Breast Center of Beverly Hills Team

We offer all aspects of care for the breast. Whether you require an examination, consultation or second opinion or surgery the Breast Center of Beverly Hills is here for you. We will work with you to create an individually tailored care plan to address your goals and problems. We will work with you and walk you through the entire process.

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Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

Breast Reconstruction

Implant Based Reconstruction

Lymphedema Treatment

Autologous Reconstruction

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